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Video - 40 years on PBB Still Haunts mid-Michigan

A 2013 Michigan Emmy for Environment Video Storytelling.

PBB is a flame retardent grain chemical not fit for human or animal consumption.

In 1973 in Mid-Michigan chemical was accidentally mixed with cow feed & consumed by over 30,000 dairy cows.

The slow & often gruesome affects it had on cows killed hundreds & caused tens of thousands more to be rounded up into deep pits & shot dead.

Hundreds of dairy farmers lost their livelihood back then. Forty years later people like Hilda Green still talking about how that disaster still affects them & how the environment in this beautiful part of Michigan will never be the same again.
Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press

  • For Detroit Free Press

  • Gear Used Canon 5D Mark 3's, Panasonic HVX-200, Final Cut

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