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Video - Graveyard of the Great Lakes documentary

A 2015 documentary I spent two years off and on shooting, scripting and editing while still doing daily photojournalism from news to sports for the Detroit Free Press.

Between late 2015 to early 2017 it was selected to screen at 18 film festivals around the US that I attended and it appeared on PBS in various markets.

The winner of 5 film festival awards from “Best Documentary” to “Best Cinematography.”

“Great Lakes historians say that up to 10,000 shipwrecks rest at the bottom of the Great Lakes. Each of those wrecks have stories of their own, stories of survival, death, heroism and sacrifice.
74-year-old shipwreck hunter David Trotter has spend half his life on a mission to hunt for these wrecks, explore them to tell their stories and their fate.
This film is about of three of the many ships that Trotter has found, the history, the life and death struggle aboard, a connection to the past and a story of the lone survivor of one of the shipwrecks.”

An Eric Seals Film

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