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Video - The Death of an 80 yr old Hoarder

“At first glance, she thought it was a Halloween prank.
The puffy corpse slumped over the chair had no eyes, nose or mouth — just hair on a skull, and bones sticking out from under a red sweater and plaid pants.
"How sick," Linda Kajma said to herself, before venturing through the rest of the house in search of her missing cousin.”
Sally Honeycheck lived in a house of filth and squalor.
In November of 2018 she died of natural causes sitting in the kitchen in the blue lawn chair she would sleep in. She was found by her cousin, Linda Kajma who came to do a wellness check on her partially eaten by her dog Jack and the rats in the house ate part Sally.
Linda Kajma tells the sad tale in our story, video and pictures in the Detroit Free Press

Read the Detroit Free Press story by my colleague Tresa Baldas and see my video story/pictures from this sad and tragic story about a hoarder who died alone here -->

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