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Video - Follow up; Joe Murphy: The Battle Within

A short follow up video to “Joe Murphy: The Battle Within”
It’s mid-July of 2019 and former Michigan State and Detroit Red Wings player Joe Murphy is still homeless, still wandering the streets of Kenora, Ontario, Canada just like when Detroit Free Press sports columnist Jeff Seidel and I searched for and found him last September.
Joe’s had multiple chances for change in his life but he refuses help by people who care about him and want to help him out.
“Joe Murphy, the Detroit Red Wings' No.1 overall draft pick in 1986, wanders outside in a steady rain, eventually finding a place to sleep for the night in the doorway of a small restaurant.
His black tennis shoes are soaking wet and the bottom of his feet have pruned and turned bright white.
Murphy earned more than $13 million while playing 15 seasons in the NHL, but he is homeless again, just like last year. He doesn’t own socks, so he rips a T-shirt into strips and wraps them around his ankles.
Dozens of people have tried to get Murphy off the streets of this small tourist town the past two years, including the NHL Alumni Association, members of the local police department, former teammates, his lawyer and an entire team of mental health experts and social workers. He refuses almost all of it.”
📸’s by @ericseals of the Detroit Free Press.
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  • Role Photojournalist, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer

  • For Detroit Free Press

  • Date 8/8/19

  • Type Short documentary

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