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Video - A Haircut and Healing

A touching and heartfelt first person story written by my Detroit Free Press colleague Bill Laitner and my video about the loss of his wife Eren who was his “forever barber" and the steps he took to find a new barber in their neighborhood.
While working on this I couldn’t help but feel for Bill’s loss and what he’s been going through since Eren passed away in April.

Full story, picture gallery and video can be seen here;

“I’ve been needing a haircut because my barber died.
It was so convenient before. We lived together. But since April 1, I’ve worn her wedding band in her memory. And I put off getting a haircut.
I didn’t want to let go of this thing we did together that gave us years of laughs and warm moments. I was so happy with my barber. Each time, I’d put a twenty-dollar bill in a teapot.
I’d say, “Baby, that’s your mad money. Next vacation, you gotta spend that.” She’d giggle. Then she left me, quite unexpectedly, at just 60. I’ve been in shock, and I haven’t cared how I look.
But after four months of shaggy, I decided it was time. I realized even she would be saying, “B, you need a trim.”

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