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Video - Missing a loved one during Coronavirus

Johanna Mannone hadn’t seen Michael, her husband of 54 years in three days.
She usually sees him everyday at WellBridge nursing home where he’s been the past 6 months but with the Coronavirus she’s been kept away from him.
The nursing and rehabilitation center closed down to visitors out of an abundance of caution on March 10th.
Ever since then Johanna had kept calling and pleading to see her husband, they’ve been married 54 years. The staff came up with a way for a quick half-hour meeting . She’d have to gown, glove and mask up in order to see Michael.
During their short visit they were able to to catch up, had lunch together and Michael was able to talk to his 49-year-old son on speakerphone.
The quick visit meant a lot to Johanna who hoped that another visit in the near future could happen.
📸’s by @ericseals of the Detroit Free Press

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